The Amazing CodeWeavers CrossOver Office Giveaway!

Every day for the next two weeks, two new TUX subscribers will be randomly chosen to receive free copies of CodeWeavers CrossOver Office. That's right - just subscribe and you're automatically entered to win!

Beginning today (and each day through December 17), we'll randomly choose two people to win, posting their name, city, and state here in the article. Winners names will be pulled from the batch of the previous days new subscribers.

CrossOver Office allows users to install their favorite Windows productivity applications and plugins in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast. Once installed, the application will integrate directly with the Gnome or KDE environment. The application can be started with a single click, the same as in Windows, but with the full freedom of Linux. More information on CrossOver Office and CodeWeavers can be found at the CodeWeavers Website,

Congratulations to our Daily Winners
Tuesday, December 7

  • Richard Brincefield of Glendale, Arizona
  • Phillip Boccagno of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, December 8

  • Geoff Proud of Doonan, QLD, Australia
  • John Neufeldt of Tucson, Arizona

Thursday, December 9

  • Bobby Branson of Miami, Florida
  • Todd Reifenstack of Boulder, Colorado

Friday, December 10

  • Sue Ellen Francisco of Monterey, California
  • Damon Whitte of Houston, Texas

Saturday, December 11

Sunday, December 12

Monday, December 13

Tuesday, December 14

Wednesday, December 15

Thursday, December 16

Friday, December 17

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