Write for TUX

We always are looking for contributed articles for both TUX magazine's print edition and the website (requirements do differ though so read the information below carefully).

Most of the articles that appear in TUX are hands on tutorials. We are looking for material that shows the new Linux user how to take advantage of their system. Incidentally, "new" doesn't just mean new to Linux or "newbie". We at TUX recognize that a new breed of Linux user is emerging, the Linux consumer, whose needs are an opportunity waiting to be addressed, further recognizing that this new Linux user is a powerful and rapidly growing economic force. The new Linux user is a well educated computer user and technology enthusiast who uses computers every day and in nearly every facet of their everyday life. Life with computers doesn't stop at the office. They see their systems as communication centers, productivity tools, game machines, planners and personal digital assistants, learning mechanisms and more.

TUX understands that as a desktop user at both home and work, these new Linux users write letters with their word processor, calculate budgets in a spreadsheet, talk to their co-workers, clients, and friends around the world using email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. They listen to music and watch videos. They rip songs and burn CDs to listen to in their cars. They play games of all kinds. They balance their checkbooks, surf the web, organize photographs, make home movies, doodle, send pictures to relatives... or to put it another way, this new Linux user does everything with their computers that computers can do.

To serve this new Linux user, we are looking for informative user columns with rich, graphical content, covering everything for home, work, and play. We want to provide Linux users with easy to understand tutorials, insightful hardware and software reviews, enlightened opinion, useful tips and tricks, and in-depth exploration of the tools computer users need every day. Our style is hands-on, welcoming and non-threatening, speaking in a jargon-free style that everybody can understand.

You do not have to be a professional writer to write for TUX Magazine but we do expect you to be able to express your ideas clearly and in a helpful, accessible manner. If you have written informative Web pages or helped users succeed with their Linux projects by posting good answers to mailing lists, you likely have the basic writing skills needed to become a TUX Magazine writer. We will work with you on an outline and drafts before you have to turn in the finished article.

Please read our author's guide, and send us e-mail editor@tuxmagazine.com if you have an idea for an article. Be sure the subject line contains descriptive words, such as "Spam control with Kmail", to help us when sorting through submissions.

Marcel Gagné - Thu, 2020-12-09 13:29.