Contract and Copyright

All writing is done on speculation. If we decide to use the work, we purchase first rights, compilation rights and translation rights to the article. However, we are under no obligation to publish it. We do not pay kill fees.

Once your article is submitted, it is in the publication queue and therefore cannot be submitted elsewhere, unless 1) Tux rejects the article or 2) the author notifies Tux of his/her intent to withdraw the article and Tux agrees to release the article. The only circumstance under which we will not release an article is if it already is scheduled for publication and it's too late to pull.

Our author contract allows us to use your article in an unlimited number of compilations and translations in any medium. After your article appears in Tux, you are free to use it for any purpose, because you keep the copyright. If your article documents how to use a free software program, we encourage you to contribute it to the project under a free software license, so it can be distributed with the software you discussed.

If your article appears in print or both in print and on the Tux Web site, you are free to use it for other purposes beginning the first day of the month after the cover date of the issue in which it appears. For example, if your article appears in the May 2005 issue, you can use it for other purposes starting on June 1, 2005.

If your article appears on our Web site only and not in print, you can use it for other purposes one month after it first appears on our site.

You can not use your article for other publications or for your Web site while it is in the publication queue or in the current issue of Tux.

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