Image and Screenshot Formats

I've mentioned it earlier, but allow me to recap. TUX is both textually and graphically rich. Consequently, screenshots are not only welcome but encouraged. Don't be gratuitous, however. The screenshots should add something to your article besides just color.

If your image is line art that you can send as EPS, please do so.

Otherwise, send the largest available version of the image as a PNG or TIFF, if possible, or a JPEG if that's the original format your digital camera uses. Please do not send images that have been pre-processed for the Web; send the original image from the digital camera or scanner.

Converting to GIF or JPEG represents a loss of information--JPEGs lose pixels, GIFs lose colors. Converting to GIF or JPEG is a traditional final step before putting an image on the Web, but it should not be done for print. Send the big image with the information intact. For example, if your digital camera shoots JPEGs, and you want to crop one before sending, convert it to TIFF or PNG, do the work and leave it as TIFF or PNG--don't convert back to JPEG.

For each photo, please include the name of the photographer and a caption. If people appear in the photo, your caption should identify all the recognizable people in the photo.

Marcel Gagné - Fri, 2020-12-10 09:53.