Which OS do you currently primarily use?

54% (1273 votes)
41% (966 votes)
3% (77 votes)
1% (29 votes)
1% (15 votes)
Total votes: 2360
Carlie Fairchild - Mon, 2021-02-07 18:24.

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game Super :)

game (not verified) - Thu, 2021-03-16 05:58.


I havn`t heard of much support for Serial ATA yet. But as like you, I have tried many different versions, and so far the most Windows friendly and Windows network friendly that I have found is "XandrOS".

An - ymous (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-09 05:26.

Thanks for the advice re: T

Thanks for the advice re:
The reason I'm using Linspire is it's the only distro I've tried that at least allows both my IDE drives and my SATA drive to be connected at the same time. I dual boot and use the SATA for games, because it's a touch faster on the installs and substantially larger then the IDE's.
On the other distros I've tried, it halts at start up . is what it says at that point.
I have no idea how the SATA drive would react to having Linspire loaded on it, but since it does at least accept it, you may want to try it out, if you haven't already. I also read that Linux can take care of SATA drivers itself and to disable it in the bios. It's not a good solution for my situation, but if the SATA is the only drive on the machine, it may work; at least in some situations
Rumblings on the Linspire web page say V. 5.0. will resolve many hardware issues.

Tom (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-09 19:50.

Fill in blanks

Should read; Thanks for the advice re: "XandrOS"
Should read: On the other distros I've tried, it halts at start up. "disabling irq 11" is what it says at that point.

Tom (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-09 20:01.

A very interesting site, I

A very interesting site, I think. The Idea of Technology was new for me but worth to be read and thought abot it (although I'm not a native english-speaker and have some difficulties whith this language)

Thermage Hamburg (not verified) - Thu, 2021-02-08 18:40.

Why is Linux so popular? Why

Why is Linux so popular? Why is it "better" than windows?

An - ymous (not verified) - Tue, 2021-02-08 09:28.

Why Linux is better than Window$........It's Un-American

When computers became popular in the 90's, I was VERY dissapointed. All an individual had to choose from was an operating system that was 100% completely un-changeable. All you could do was change what Micromush allowed you to change. Unless you took a degree in programming, or knew someone who did. If you did know someone, they usually didn't like to share too much knowledge.

BORING This is not what I wanted in a computer. I wanted to create programs! I had many, many ideas. for instance a program that would scribe the notes onto musical manuscript when I played my piano keyboard. I was laughed at when I tried to find such an application. But eventually, someone else finally made such a program.

Even today, I get sleepy whenever I get on Microslop. That is - if I'm not cussing at the bloody Spyware, Viruses, etc.

-MOST- of all, the thing that enraged me the most...... Was Big Brother Bill Gates watching over me!!!!! e.g... (YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND THAT TOO UNDER PENALTY OF LAW.........BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!

I payed $700.00 for a (SINGLE) disc Windows O.S......... AND IT DIDN'T EVEN BELONG TO ME!!!!!!!!!!! The United States is supposed to be the example of freedom!!! Microsnuff is the absolute opposite.

An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2021-02-20 03:15.

Why just go with the flow???

For all the pains of Microsofts never ending security patches and the resulting broken applications, for all the forced upgrades '(that older hardware is not supported', or 'this feature is not available until you purchase version xyz'), never ending waves of critical updates that fix issues caused by earlier critical updates, with all of the incessant popups in stock Windows (from Windows Messaging and also from that poor excuse for a browser) .... I'd have to ask you 'Why just go with the flow???'

If all you want is games, then by all means, stay there, Linux is not the premier gaming platform and hardly wants to be such. But if you want office functionality, printing, faxing, scanning, surfing, email, and now offering collaboration ware and MS Exchange functionality, pocket your $250+ annual license fees, buy a top shelf boxed distribution and get your eyes opened.

If you dare.

mmmna (not verified) - Thu, 2021-02-10 22:17.

cause it gives you the freedo

cause it gives you the freedom to adjust linux to your needs plus its more reliable, safer and faster than any MS product I ve seen :)

An - ymous (not verified) - Tue, 2021-02-08 15:11.

The power of many; freedom of choice; the spirit of adventure

Linux as an ongoing development is about things that embodies the better nature of Man. It calls for gifts and gift giving. It neither bludgeons nor entraps in bonds its proponents (or opponents). It invites all cultures and peoples to participate without a credit check.

Through the Open Source/GNU, as portal, the willing volunteer participation of many bring on a power to the development. As a user of Linux (and all Open Source) you retain the freedom of choice to select and even modify under GPL. As a participant whether just spreading the word in a proprietary shop or as a kernal hack contributor, there is a powerful result. After years of work; the concert has brought forth a ground swell where the most important Fortune 500 companies and government agencies must decide, "What about Linux?".

There are very few adventures in human history, since brining fire into the cave, that has broadly helped the advance of civilization, Under a threat of econimic globalization Linux as part of Open Source is a leveler to allow for wider participation of the individual and of peoples geographically distant.

LINUX has a potential to be the mouse that roared. a piece of the communications swell that is becoming a force to unite the world ...by choice.

AZhun (not verified) - Tue, 2021-02-08 11:53.

windows xp has never failed o

windows xp has never failed on me yet. Mucheasier to navigate and mange than linux

An - ymous (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-09 22:13.

You're lucky

I will say that XP is the most stable version yet...but it still lacks compared to the stability of Linux. Try SUSE 9.2, Xandros 3.0, or Linspire 4.5 and then talk to me a bout "much easier to navigate and manage." One click updates and (especially with the latter two) one click installs. I use a dual boot system with SUSE 9.2 and Windows XP. I boot into windows about once a month to play a game or two, or when I need to use print shop deluxe. All of my work is on my VERY reliable Linux partition. Never, ever, EVER have I had a problem with viruses or spy ware. Can't say the same for my poor old windows partition.

Michael (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-12 17:51.

Maintaining XP

My two oldest boys have XP home installed, and it is a never ending battle of the following: 1) Software that installs on all desktops (AOL IM, etc...)
2) Software and games that will only run in Administrator mode. The only benefit my kids see from XP is the ability to log off/log on and have there own desktops/dirs. They still use open office and firefox in even in XP.

An - ymous (not verified) - Fri, 2021-02-11 12:57.

I err agree

that I don't want to switch to linux or am a Microsoft zelot. XP is much better than any other version of Windows, hands down. Yes, there are a lot of updates but MS pushes them right to you, with a broadband connection these updates are a breeze, just like APT or YUM. If your still on Dialup that's your problem not your OS. I would never have the patients to do any Apt or Yum update with a dialup connection same goes for Windows. I can count on one finger the number of Virus infections that I have had, and that was a result of an errant floppy (Old Technology will bite you). I still don't get spyware, whats the big deal. I watch what I am downloading and run ad-aware (do it it's free) once a week and all that I ever have to clean up are a handfull of cookiees. I use FireFox, cause it is great!!!! That helps with the spyware and pop-up ect ect ect. My HARDWARE firewall (Linksys and software does not cut it) and keeping AV Software up to date helps the most. Basic computer security practices will keep you up and running far better than windows XP or Linux. The user has more to do with stability than the OS IMHO. I am learing linux and it is a monumental, but fun, task compaired with win 95 / 98. Win 95 / 98 were terrible but in my linux learning process I have reformated and reinstalled linux as many times as I had Win 95/98. I will say that all of these instances were a result of operator error. Now I have reinstalled WinXP 3 times since it came out. Each time I just happened to be upgrading the Motherboard in my machine. XP has been great. I am sure linux is too. As far as money goes I paid for the Pro Upgrade when it came out, that's the last time I gave MS any money save for the Mouse and Keyboard I bought that has their name on it. All my hardware worked, I try to keep relatively current hardware, so that helps and don't tell me you can't afford an ATI 9200 or an NVidia MX4000. I have joysticks that are 8 years old that still work under win XP same as they ever did. I just don't see where some of the Anti XP arguements come from. Now when I get a handle on running linux like I have on XP I am sure it will be every bit as good. The main problem I have learning linux is getting help. I read and read and read, but most answers are greek to me "you need to adjust config.conf in X11/etc and turn on the combustion joints in the half-shank" I swear Chris Farley posts this stuff from the grave. Much of the Linux help out there is not very straight forward, I guess I have just not found a good source yet. Once I get my Linux chops up to par with My XP chops I am sure I will be able to use XP as a gaming console. Ohh yeah can anyone tell me what PIM I can Sync my toshiba 335 running Pocket PC 2000 with under linux. (oops I lied I guess I paid for that copy of PPC 2K didn't eye) Anyway, Linux is cool XP runs great and computing just keeps getting better and better. Opensource apps for XP just keep comming and comming too!! I am a pig Mud!!!

(titian40)An - ymous (not verified) - Fri, 2021-02-11 01:20.

Just wait till it crashes!

"I err agree"... Pretty soon you'll be working hapilly along in XP when the lights will go out! Oh no... oh well... Scan Disk, right? Maybe not! I have had XP completely crash twice under these circumstances, where I had to reinstall on a new drive and recover data off the old. Now this doesn't happen all the time, and I have since gotten a good batt b/u, but like I said, it happened to me twice! I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you... That's why I'm going back!

An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-12 21:45.

XP may be more stable than pr

XP may be more stable than previous Windows versions, but there's still the issue of viruses and spyware. Keeping everything up to date and constantly scanning takes a lot of time and effort; I'd prefer to spend my time doing something more productive. Also, Linux is very easy to navigate once you get used to it. Whenever I use a Windows machine, I'm always frustrated that things don't navigate as simply as they do in Linux. It's just a matter of getting used to something different, not something much harder.

An - ymous (not verified) - Thu, 2021-02-10 11:49.

ever heard of the blue screen

ever heard of the blue screen of death, if as a windows user you have not got that horrible message at least once it will happen soon. linux is not that hard, just surf the net and find out about it, ive used windows for years and ever since 98SE its gone down hill, there were problems in 98 but it was possible to live through them, now Windows has become what AOL i to a web browser, bloated and useless

An - ymous (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-09 22:22.

I Made it a month without having to re-install XP Yipee!

I think it was the summer of 2003 when the viruses really started getting bad.
I had a virus on my XP computer that almost drove me crazy. I don't recall the name of the bug anymore. What this virus did was compromise the effectiveness of Norton Antivirus. Yet diguise Norton to appear to be functioning perfectly.

Everyone I tried to get advice from, every shop I took it to, told me that it didn't have a virus or spyware.

We build all sorts of different computers where I work. My co-workers, (who were experts in PC repair), began to think I was neurotic, (and still do). Because I would keep asking them what to do about all this erratic operating system of mine. After awhile they began to get anoyed by my persistence. They eventually sat me down and gave me a heart to heart talk about seeking Psychiatric help and trying to convince me I should get therapy.

It was 3 months LATER, when they finally came out with the virus deffinition on Norton! The symptoms fit my PC perfectly. I instead bought a copy of Trend Micro PCcillin Internet Security, for about $30.00, (which was cheaper than Norton). My PC was instantly cured! Actually it was the 3rd PC in 3 months. The virus damaged 2 of my PC's

Even to this day. I seldom use my Windows XP more than a month before something is screwed up beyond hope. But I must admit, my Wife and inexperienced kids are a factor.

An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2021-02-20 03:57.

The reason why you had virus

The reason why you had virus and norton seemed happy
is due to norton signing a licence agreement with microsoft
so now most virus are designed to:
-use norten against you
-stealth its way past norton
-laugh in the face of norton

its not hard to do either there are sites out there that in 3 clicks
you could have your own virus that will slip past norten
and then use the disinfect tool on ur NTOS pah

An - ymous (not verified) - Wed, 2020-06-15 08:52.


THIS is supposed to be about COMPUTING by computing ENTHUSIASTS..RIGHT? So "WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST "GET ALONG" and CONTRIBUTE our COLLECTIVE experiences so that ALL users can BENEFIT from this WONDERFUL ever EVOLVING miracle a.k.a."THE P.C."regardless of the Operating System used! I get as much ENJOYMENT and SATISFACTION being able to figure out how to program/use my cell phone as well as my CISCO server! The point is"getting there" regardless of the"means" capice'

An - ymous (not verified) - Tue, 2021-02-15 17:19.


THIS is supposed to be about COMPUTING by computing ENTHUSIASTS..RIGHT?

No, it is about helping those new to Linux expand their Lunix knowledge.

Kevin Huds - (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-26 23:54.


Is there anything wrong with your keyboard man?, check the shift key.

An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-19 21:29.

What a load of crap.

What a load of crap.

An - ymous (not verified) - Fri, 2021-02-18 08:15.

I had so many problems with S

I had so many problems with Sumantacs products I trashed them & am going to do he same with winx

An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2020-06-19 20:54.