Web Page Translation Within Konqueror

Konqueror, the KDE web browser/file manager, offers a whole host of tools to make your like accessing the web easier. They are located within the Tools menu. One such tool allows you to translate web pages into different languages.

Konqueror itself does not have the translators built in but takes advantage of services available on the web itself. The richest set of translations is from English to other languages but there are quite a few other translations available.

The translation process is very simple. First, load the web page you want to translate. In my example, I have loaded Announcing the First Issue of TUX which is the From the Publisher column of the first issue of TUX. Then you just click on the Tools menu, go down to the Translate Web Page submenu, move down to the desired source language, over to the destination language and click. The translated page will appear shortly.

Web Editor - Thu, 2021-02-10 08:22.