Linux Week in Review

Opera 8 Web Browser Now Shipping

Opera Software is shipping a new version of its web browser for desktops and devices. Opera 8 supports Linux and other OSes. A popular new feature is a unique security information field that indicates the trustworthiness of banking and shopping Web sites and voice interaction capabilities. The new version of Opera also introduces an advanced page-resizing function that adapts Web pages to fit the width of any screen or window. Download your Opera 8 web browser today.

Upgrading from Windows 98 to Linux features a tutorial-style article outlining a strategy to avoid costly upgrades from Windows 98 to Windows XP -- in terms of both hardware and software -- by upgrading to Linux instead. Read more here.

The Truth about Linux and Windows

It seems that every day in the news we're hearing yet another reason why MS-Windows is better than Linux and for that matter, why Linux is better than MS-Windows. Steve Hamm of Business Week reminds us that what we read is not always as black and white as its presented. In this article he breaks down the recent Yankee Group survey that's making its way around the net.

Emergency Booting Windows PCs: Another Use for Linux

This brief article reviews the use of Linux as a means of emergency booting a failed Windows PC and accessing potentially lost files. Linux as a boot OS is fairly common today. For instance, Dell often ships its servers with Windows driver disks that actually use a micro-Linux boot. Read the entire article on

It's a Portable Video Player, Music Player, and Digital Photo Album

It's a Linux PDA. It's a wireless Web-surfing, e-mailing machine. Oh, and it plays games. Add it all up and what do you get? The $799 Archos PMA400. Read more about this pocket media assistant on

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