What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. TUX offers an RSS feed with headlines and summaries of Linux news, stories, and reviews and links back to the TUX web site for the full story.

Simply click on the orange RSS icon found on the lower left hand corner of this web page to load into your RSS reader of choice.

Common Questions

Will the TUX RSS feed also deliver headlines and summaries of the articles that are featured in the monthly digital magazine?

No. The TUX RSS feed only features content that is posted to the TUX web site. To subscribe to the monthly digital magazine, you may do so for free here. However, the RSS feed will deliver an announcement to your news reader letting you know when the next issue of the magazine is available.

Do other sites have RSS feeds and if so, how will I know?

Yes, many sites now offer RSS feeds, including all of TUX's sister publications (Linux Journal, Linux Gazette, and IT Garage). You can most easily identify if a site offers an RSS feed by locating a small button on the site that says either RSS or XML. However, if you click one of these links, you will most likely get a page full of code in your browser. To read the feed and begin having content delivered to your desktop automatically, you need an RSS reader.

Where do I find an RSS reader for Linux?

There are many good RSS readers available for Linux. Bottom Feeder, Liferea, Syndigator, Composite, Eclipse, K.R.S.S., and Rol are some of the more popular readers. If you're using the KDE desktop, KNewsTicker may be the perfect tool to start with - it is an application that is built into KDE. TUX issue number 1 features a how-to article about KNewsTicker titled "Up-to-the-Minute News On Your Desktop" by Kevin Brandes.

Carlie Fairchild - Sun, 2020-04-24 11:24.

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Firefox !!!!!

How come the little Firefox "RSS feed available" icon isn't in the bottom right-hand side of my browser. Given how popular Firefox is and how easy it is to use active bookmarks (RSS feeds in firefox) this seems like an oversight!

Jimmy (not verified) - Tue, 2020-05-24 17:41.

RSS icon appearing

In FireFox, the browser's RSS icon only shows up when you are on the home page.

Click on home right below the green menu bar above, and when you get to the home page you should see it. In some versions of FireFox it does not say rss or xml and is just an orange square with curved white lines on it.


Keith Daniels - Wed, 2020-06-08 14:31.


I still don't get it. Do various rss sites send an email-like message
to some special program I need to have running? and then that
program does what? pop up a browser window unbidden
to display something to me? - That doesn't seem very
civilized? If I've got this idea right, I'd rather just
get an email message announcement.

gary knott (not verified) - Wed, 2020-04-27 18:22.

special program = RSS reader

Hi Gary - indeed you need to have a special program installed to be able to receive RSS notifications. In particular what you're looking for is an RSS reader, sometimes also referred to as news readers or feed readers.

The list of RSS readers provided in the article above all work with Linux. If you install one, it'll most likely walk you through setting up the RSS feeds you'd like to subscribe to. But indeed you need to install that reader first.

If you're not using Linux, there are other RSS readers depending on your operating system of choice. FeedDaemon and Pluck seem to be a popular ones with MS-Windows users and BottomFeeder (which is also works with Linux) is available for Macs.

Carlie Fairchild - Sun, 2020-05-01 12:50.