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Issue number four, July 2005, of TUX is now available.  Subscribers, you can download this issue here or simply follow the Download TUX button on the right to download the current issue. If you're not yet a TUX subscriber, consider subscribing today for instant access to this issue and many more! 

TUX Cover

Issue #4, July 2005: Table of Contents

From the Publisher

  • Easy Does It by Phil Hughes

From the Editor

  • How to Make Linux Perfect for the Desktop by Nicholas Petreley


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Q&A with Mango Parfait by Mango Parfait


  • Let a Tomboy Manage Your Notes by Shannon Baker

Suited Up

  • Getting Started with OpenOffice.org Calc by Kevin Brandes

TUX Explains

  • Introduction to Linux Security, Part I by Phil Barnett
  • Scrapbooks and Albums by Michael Hammel
  • Windows-to-Linux Migration with Qt by Jasmin Blanchette


  • Libranet 3.0 by John Knight
  • Gadget Guy: Products with Drive by Sean Carruthers

The Last Word

  • Why Piracy Hurts Open Source by John Knight

Carlie Fairchild - Fri, 2020-07-01 06:52.

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The download is broken - this is all I get:

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An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2020-07-16 14:35.

Seems they fixed it now

Seems they fixed it now

An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2020-07-17 21:27.

excellent issue

I love TUX Magazine! I have recently installed both Linspire Five-0 and SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 on my Athlon 64 desktop system. It's nice to have a magazine that caters to the new Linux user. I have been a long time Macintosh/Windows user, but I am tired of the bloated cost of supporting these platforms. Time for a change! :)

I am totally impressed with what Linux can offer me for my Desktop. Linspire Five-0 is really nice for new users, but I think SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 is the best distribution of Linux for me. I am going to keep both on my HD though... :)

James Rhodes (not verified) - Fri, 2020-07-15 03:14.

The Last Word

Awesome article! What you say its the pure true, and makes me remember the time when I hadnt grow up and thought piracy was great and open source was like a joke. Unfortunately, thats the belief of many people nowadays; that open source is unnecesary since you can get the pirated version of a commercial app anyways... thats just sad, and a good example that is mentioned in the article is MS Office; my sister preffers to use that pirated version despite Ive asked her to use openoffice.org; she wont just understand my arguments since shes the average PC user...
I dont see other solution to fight back piracy than forcing your known ones to use a open source alternative until they understand why piracy is bad and why open source is so great...

John Hopkins (not verified) - Sat, 2020-07-09 23:04.


My hat is off to John Knight for saying what I've been saying now for some time.
As a small time free software developer, I cannot tell people just how flattered I am when they tell me that a howto I posted or a script I wrote has been helpful to them. When I write a script, it's there to fill a specific need. If I put some time into the script or think of something clever, I like to put it up for grabs on the web. When someone tells me it was useful to them I'm amazed.
Now think about how a whole team of developers feel when people tell them "OpenOffice saved our school thousands of dollars" or "TrollTech's contributions to the Open Source in the form of Qt has been one of the greatest accomplishments since X11" or "Evolution is a much needed secure alternative to Outlook!" Sure, people complain when something doesn't work exactly the way it was supposed to, which is why you can help by sending polite bug reports! Gnome even automates this procedure.
Now picture the software developer that sees on Slashdot that the product he's worked on for the past year has hit peer to peer networks before they've had a chance to officially release it. Knowing that not a one of those oppurtunistic pirates will submit a bug report. Not a one of them will repay or even appreciate the efforts you've gone through. At least open source developers get hate mail and the occasional thank you note.
Not to mention how software pirates don't even consider the cost benefits of using open source technologies. GIMP/Photoshop, Linux/Windows, OpenOffice/MSOffice, KDevelop/VisualStudio, ClamAV/Norton, Gaim/Trillian, Outlook/Mozilla...the list of alternatives goes on and on. Sure, there's plenty of fantastic commercial software, but is it really so much better than free software it warrants breaking the law? How about a commandment?
Perhaps GNU should develop an unbreakable open DRM system so that people can't pirate software, leading to an uptake in free software ;)

destuxor (not verified) - M - , 2020-07-11 22:03.

Cross platform GUI development

Article on Qt gives an unfair advantage because after publishing and article like that people tend to think highly of that product even when there are other products which are far better than that. Also Qt is not 100% open source. So TUX should publish a review article from at least one other GUI development toolkit such as xWindows or GTK+.

Check this out,

Alvin (not verified) - Tue, 2020-07-05 03:35.

I do not agree with your point.

I think that instead of explaining all the other platforms the article should concentrate on one thing at a time. I do think however that an article should focus on one thing since the actual colum doesn't really expand into detail.

On the other side is logical that if the magazine uses KDE primarily development in Qt would make sense. And I think that as long as it's free software there shouldn't be any real favorites. Specially since all of them do the same thing.

Jza (not verified) - M - , 2020-08-08 08:15.

I agree, even if its stated t

I agree, even if its stated that the intention of the article is not to promote QT, in the end, it ends up doing it. Maybe it should have be better to at least include a couple more toolkits in there to balance the article (fox-toolkit and wxwidgets perhaps?)

John Hopkins (not verified) - Sat, 2020-07-09 22:59.

Great issue!

In particular I enjoyed the product reviews in this issue. Maybe you guys and the vendors could work out some sort of contest each month where you give away one of the products reviewed?

Good work to the TUX crew. Keep it up!

Richard (not verified) - M - , 2020-07-04 07:59.

Tux Issue

Yeah great job guys! Thank you

Acompliasanofipharmacy (not verified) - Wed, 2020-08-22 04:37.