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Issue number 10, February 2006, of TUX now is available.  Subscribers, you can download this issue here or simply follow the Download TUX button on the right to download the current issue. If you're not yet a TUX subscriber, consider subscribing today for instant access to this issue and many more! 

TUX Cover

Issue #10, February 2006: Table of Contents


  • Linux Everywhere, Taken Literally by Phil Hughes
  • Building Momentum toward a Desktop Linux Reality by Kevin Shockey
  • Letters
  • The $64 Question by Kevin Shockey
  • Q&A; with Mango Parfait by Mango Parfait

Home Plate

  • Hydrogen--The Home Musician's Free Drum Machine, Part 1 by John Knight

Suited Up

  • OpenOffice.org 2.0 Impress: the Confusing Duckling Becomes a User-Friendly Swan by Solveig L. Haugland

TUX Explains

  • KDE Instant Messaging by Jes Hall
  • OpenOffice.org Base by Kevin Shockey


  • Neverball by John Knight

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Windows on a Mac?

Why not show a screen shot of OpenOffice running on Mac OS X? The laptop on Issue #10's cover is a PowerBook. Why use a Windows screen shot?

An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-18 08:26.

Or, better yet, OpenOffice

Or, better yet, OpenOffice running under Ubuntu on the PowerBook?

An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-18 08:28.

Open Office 2.0

I have been an OO user for a few years now, it is by far the greatest office suite there is. Plus its 100% MS Compatible so you dont have to worry about your boss/friend/relitive sending you a MS Word document. It will open no problem!

Philip Lowran (not verified) - Tue, 2020-06-27 18:58.

Linux - a matter of emotions

I am an avid reader of the Tux magazine from the firts issue, I only accidentally discovered the magazine through the web. I am from Slovakia, Central Europe.

I have to share my thoughts about Linux. Although I am a great fan of Linux and Open Source, i am still using Windblows at work, i am a graphics designer in a print shop, which requires specific and unique applications under, mostly, Windows or Mac. I use a lot of ope source apps though, like Firefox, Open Office, Free Download Manager, etc.

But i still cant rid myself of the impression, that the matter of using Linux on desktop or not ais still mostly emotional (no question about the superiority of Linux on servers). Let me explain. Every time I read a lead article from Phil Hughes I have an impression, that Linux is a movement and that I want to be part of that movement and I feel good about that. I will go even further, the Linux community is like a church trying to save people from the great Satan from Redmond.

But I am willing to try Linux at home in the future, i still dont have a computer at home - they are still a bit expensive here, in a post-communist country with my monthly salary of 350 dollars. And I wont pay 100 bucks for OEM version of winXP and I will tell people about Linux, as a majority here have only pirated copies of Windows at home.

Keep up a good work of evangelising Linux.

GeorgeSK (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-15 02:53.

KDE and Gnome

If your are a ├╝bergeek like me you don't give a crap what GUI you use on Linux. The people who argue that KDE is better than Gnome or Gnome is better than KDE shows me that you guys are a pack of newbies. When it comes down to it, their is really no major difference between Gnome and KDE, they perform the same task in Linux but with a different approach.

D - ald (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-08 14:01.

Flux it

The best combo so far for me is the lovely Fluxbox with a lot of keyboard shortcuts and my own theme. Now, THAT feels like ~ .

Morten Juhl Johansen (not verified) - Thu, 2021-03-02 05:33.

wutevar!! CLI is best

wutevar!! CLI is best evar!!


An - ymous (not verified) - M - , 2021-02-13 10:57.

Free Software, Gnome, KDE and more

This is in response to the Q&A section handled by M A N G O PARFAIT.
We can clearly feel that she(and the TUX magazine) favours KDE over
Gnome, and it is in no way harmful.

But They way in which she abuse Gnome developers seems to be annoying.
You choose your on, give publicity for your favourite products, but
please, please Dont try to attack other projects. They are not doing any harm
to you nor the free softare community.

Hence I call up on all readers of TUX magazine to respond to these un-ethical

Sajith VK (not verified) - Thu, 2021-02-02 00:01.

mango's siding by KDE is

mango's siding by KDE is hurting it. People might think all KDE users are trolls. She'd do the Open Source Community a great favor if she starts defending M$ Windows.

An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2021-02-12 17:37.

compatible desktops

I've just returned from a rew weeks off to find that the IT wizards have "upgraded" my at work desktop to Windoze XP
It was Win 2000
I'm a user of KDE at home, I'd got used to Win 2000 at work (no choice), but XP is as far from win 2000 as KDE is!
When I upgrade Mandrake or Suse, I can keep the same version of kde and don't have to re-learn everything!
Microsoft seem to change things just for the hell of it, performance seems similar if you ever find out how to do it in the new environment!
Keep up the good work with TUX

Le - (not verified) - Wed, 2021-02-01 21:29.

Apples to Oranges

Its pretty sad when people who agree that Linux is worth using, now start argueing which x-manager is better.

IMHO Gnome is too Macish, and KDE can be too windowish. So what!
There is no since in trying to change the minds of the world because you like something. Some pople like red, some like blue. But there are not websited dedicated to why one is better than the other.

TUX is about getting new users into Linux. Linux is not KDE or Gnome.

jeicrash (not verified) - Fri, 2021-02-03 16:47.

first intelligent post i've

first intelligent post i've sever seen on this subject. i'm SO sick of gnome vs kde arguments

An - ymous (not verified) - Fri, 2021-02-03 20:48.

I like WindowMaker....shall we fight?

I think both KDE and Gnome look too much like each other and windows and Mac. I prefer WindowMaker. Perhaps we need an article that discusses the various things out there and let everybody do what they want. I have tried a bunch of the window dressings and they all have good points and bad points. Who cares? Pick one and move on to using your system for something useful.


J. Duchek (not verified) - Sat, 2021-02-18 21:57.