TUX Issue #18 Now Available

Issue number 18, October 2006, of TUX now is available.  Subscribers, you can download this issue here or simply follow the Download TUX button on the right to download the current issue.  If you're not yet a TUX subscriber, consider subscribing today for instant access to this issue and many more!

TUX Cover

Issue #18, October 2006: Table of Contents


  •  TUX Changes, World Changes by Phil Hughes
  •  Greetings from TUX's New Editor! by Tony Mobily
  • Q&A with Mango Parfait   by Mango Parfait

Tux Explains

  •  Installing Enigmail in Thunderbird by Mitch Frazier
  •  Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to KMail by Donald Emmack
  •  Thunderbird beyond the Basics by Dmitri Popov
  •  SuperKaramba by Donald Emmack
  •  Downloading and Burning an ISO CD by Phil Hughes
  •  Akregator by Donald Emmack
  •  Opera 9 for Linux by Jay Kruizenga


  •  Acer Aspire 3620 by Jes Hall


  •  Postal 2: Share the Pain by Jay Kruizenga

Next Month

  •  Are you panicking because of the holiday season coming up? TUX will help you pick out the best Linux-based present for your most demanding friends.
  •  Are you afraid of installing new software?  TUX will tell you how to manage and install the best Linux software the easy way—with Adept.

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Please be correct...

Your first sentence of the post is wrong - it's the 18th issue, not the 16th. And it's the October issue, not the August.
Just looking out for you..:)

Tedd (not verified) - Wed, 2020-10-04 22:15.

Wolud seem that the editing

Wolud seem that the editing and content are on par. Both suck. Think anyoneat this lame ass rag will notice the typo in this comment?

An - ymous (not verified) - Sat, 2020-10-07 08:20.

You're lucky...


You are in luck: there is plenty of online material you can read online - you don't have to stick around if you don't like TUX magazine!

Thanks anyway for trying,

Tony Mobily.

T - y Mobily - Tue, 2020-10-10 21:09.

Yes you are correct. There

Yes you are correct. There are other and better sources of information which, by the way are free, for finding balanced an unbiased reporting on developments in linux.

The top two on my list are:


An - ymous (not verified) - Sun, 2020-10-15 07:51.