TUX Issue #19 Now Available

Issue number 19, November 2006, of TUX now is available.  Subscribers, you can download this issue here or simply follow the Download TUX button on the right to download the current issue.  If you're not yet a TUX subscriber, consider subscribing today for instant access to this issue and many more!

TUX Cover

Issue #19, November 2006: Table of Contents


  • Linux Distributions  by Phil Hughes
  • The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Linuxer  by Tony Mobily
  • Letters  by Various
  • Q&A with Mango Parfait  by Mango Parfait

Home Plate

  • Gadgety Gift Guide  by Sean Carruthers
  • TUX Presents  by Jay Kruizenga
  • Rich Multilayered Sound with Audacity  by John Knight

Suited Up

  • Managing Finances with KMyMoney  by Phil Hughes
  • Project Management with Planner  by Phil Hughes

Tux Explains

  • Managing Software with Adept  by Phil Hughes
  • File Juggling with Krusader  by Dmitri Popov
  • Building a Home File Server  by Phil Thane
  • Get Real-Time Support Using Qunu  by Matija Suklje


  • Quake 4  by Colin McGregor

Next Month

  • The best programs in theme with the holiday season coming up—make your own cards and more!  
  • Turn your old laptop into a powerful workhorse using Linux.  

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Letters / OCR

The links you gave won't help a bit, gocr et al. are mere toys compared with Abbyy FineReader and OmniPage, not fit for productive work.

This is the last and only thing that prevents me from using Linux as my primary desktop.

Tapio Riik - en (not verified) - Fri, 2020-11-17 11:26.

Take a look... Apparently

Take a look... Apparently Abbyy FineReader is available for Linux...


Chris (not verified) - Tue, 2020-11-28 12:13.


Thank you for the best Magazine ever, i am an IT Manager and i worked all my life on Microsoft Windows stations, you guys managed to change my opinion.


Marwan Kansoh

Marwan (not verified) - Fri, 2020-11-10 07:54.

Krusader article

Many thanks for writing the Krusader article, on behalf of the Krusader Krew.

Frank Schoolmeesters (not verified) - Thu, 2020-11-02 03:29.

A very interesting site, I

A very interesting site, I think. The Idea of Technometry was new for me but worth to be read and thought abot it (although I'm not a native english-speaker and have some difficulties whith this language)

Dirk Karl MaBat (not verified) - Fri, 2020-12-01 19:15.