October 1, 2020 - Tony Mobily Named Editor of TUX

October 1, 2020 - TUX Magazine today announced that Tony Mobily has been appointed editor of its publication, TUX, the first and only magazine for the new Linux user. As editorial steward of TUX Mobily will ensure Linux is accessible to a mainstream audience. TUX is soon approaching two years of publication, and circulation has already grown to over 100,000 qualified readers.

"We are pleased to have Tony Mobily on board to share his Linux expertise and enthusiasm with TUX readers," said Phil Hughes, TUX Magazine's publisher. "Tony’s experience will no doubt be of great benefit to the growing readership."

Tony Mobily, based out of Perth, Australia, is a senior system administrator and security expert, and is knowledgeable in several internet technologies. Interests include Linux, Apache, Perl, C, and Bash. Mobily has been in the publishing industry for over ten years, starting from the Italian magazine Dev. in 1996, later going on to write Hardening Apache for Apress books and founding Free Software Magazine.

Mobily believes that TUX's early success proves the need for an easy-to-read and understand magazine about the Linux desktop. His vision is to make TUX the global voice of new and desktop Linux users. By leveraging the digital-only format, he believes that TUX will spread the adoption of Linux everywhere and establish Linux as the alternative for a desktop operating system.

About TUX Magazine
TUX, with a circulation of over 100,000, is the first and only magazine for the new Linux user and is dedicated to promoting and simplifying the use of Linux on the PC. Digital subscriptions to TUX are available from the publication's Web site at www.TUXMagazine.com for one low price of $9.95 worldwide. Further information about the magazine is available via e-mailing info@TUXMagazine.com or by visiting www.TUXMagazine.com.

Khris Goldberg - Sun, 2020-10-01 10:37.