Guarddog Firewall Configuration

This article by Phil Barnett was published in TUX Magazine, issue 5.

While Linux is more secure against an invasion over the Internet, more is not necessarily enough. A firewall, software that allows you fine-grained control over your connection in and out of your computer, is the next step in increasing security. While Linux has had built-in firewalling software for many years, configuration of that software was a combination of a lot of research and some cryptic commands.

Enter Guarddog, firewalling software that has a graphical user interface. Rather than try to tell you what makes it different, here is a quote of Simon Edwards, the software author, which appears in the article.

[Guarddog] is my attempt to create a really paranoid firewall that also tackles the difficult configuration error problem with good user interface design. Guarddog was designed starting from the point of view of the user, and not from the underlying network filtering system. This is why Guarddog is so different, and easier to use than every other firewall program or script on Linux.

Download the PDF to read the article.

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