KDE Instant Messaging

This article by Jes Hall originally appeared in TUX Magazine, Issue 10.

There are an assortment of programs for Linux that do various types of Instant Messaging. Gaim seemed to have the head start is the "do everything" category and has been my tool of choice for using a secure Jabber server. If, however, you want to stick to KDE applications, Kopete is the "approved" answer.

Download the PDF to find out how.

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fyl - Sun, 2021-02-04 19:32.

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Gaim as Jabber client

Gaim is not a good Jabber client.
I have not find a way to register to MSN-, ICQ-, IRC-, etc gateways. Real Jabber support needs to be abel to register to those, to get full use. Now you need another Jabber client to do that. Then Gaim works ok.
Of those Jabber clients I used, Gajim is the best, but then I only use Gnome to... ;-)
(Gajim is a good tool to introduce MS Windows users into Jabber to)

Anders Jacks - (not verified) - Thu, 2021-02-08 16:36.