TUX is the first and only magazine for the new Linux user. Within each digital edition of TUX, we explore every facet of the modern Linux desktop, providing a new breed of Linux user with the tools and information to make their Linux desktop experience complete.

TUX, published monthly as an easy to read PDF, provides informative user columns with rich, graphical content and covers everything for home, work, and play. TUX provides Linux users with easy to understand tutorials, insightful hardware and software reviews, enlightened opinion, useful tips and tricks, and in-depth exploration of the tools computer users need every day. Our style is hands-on, welcoming and non-threatening, speaking in a jargon-free style that everybody can understand.

TUX recognizes that a new breed of Linux user is emerging, the Linux consumer, whose needs are an opportunity waiting to be addressed, further recognizing that this new Linux user is a powerful and rapidly growing economic force. The new Linux user is a well educated computer user and technology enthusiast who uses computers every day and in nearly every facet of their everyday life. Life with computers doesn't stop at the office. They see their systems as communication centers, productivity tools, game machines, planners and personal digital assistants, learning mechanisms and more.

TUX understands that as a desktop user at both home and work, these new Linux users write letters with their word processor, calculate budgets in a spreadsheet, talk to their co-workers, clients, and friends around the world using email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. They listen to music and watch videos. They rip songs and burn CDs to listen to in their cars. They play games of all kinds. They balance their checkbooks, surf the web, organize photographs, make home movies, doodle, send pictures to relatives... or to put it another way, this new Linux user does everything with their computers that computers can do.

TUX is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of this new Linux user, the Linux consumer.

If you're interested in learning more about TUX's editorial mission, submitting a product for review, or learning more about writing for the digital magazine, please e-mail our editor.